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General Questions:

Can I leave my instrument at the school until it is time for my weekly lesson or group class?

Students should keep their instruments with them so they are able to practice between lessons!

If I am a current student how do I reserve practice space?

If you would like to reserve practice space and you are a current student, follow this link for more information and instructions.

If I a have a scheduling question or have some concerns about my lessons, to whom should I speak with?

Once enrolled, you may contact the administration at Little Mission Studio at:

Note: All initial enrollment must be received through our enrollment form.

Do you offer merit or need-based tuition assistance?

Since we are a small school and still fairly new, we currently do not have the resources to offer tuition assistance. Although this is something we hope to be able to offer in the future. We do offer discounts for families and students studying multiple instruments. Please refer here for full payment, tuition, and discount policies.

In what ways is Little Mission Studio involved in the Mission Community?

We are partnered with the Mission Community Market, and curate local musicians to perform every Thursday for them. If you are interested in sharing your music at the Market, please fill out an interested musician form. Our faculty also perform for free in local schools as part of our School Outreach Program. Lastly, many of our students and performing ensembles regularly perform in events and concerts both at Little Mission Studio and out in the community.

I would like to purchase a gift card. What do I need to do?

Please read this section on Gift Cards.

Is there any convenient parking around Little Mission Studio?

There is plenty of available street parking (both metered and not) in the blocks surrounding Little Mission Studio. Parking during traditional office hours (M-F, 9 – 5) is generally less available than during traditional ‘off-hours’ (evenings and weekends), so plan accordingly during those times.

Should I take my bike inside or park it outside?

We have a couple bike racks right in front of the studio for students. Please lock your bike outside, as we don’t have room for multiple bicycles inside the studio. If you have any easily detachable parts on your bike, we encourage you to take those off and to bring them inside.

I would like to donate an instrument. Who do I contact about doing so?

Thanks! You may contact the administration at Little Mission Studio by emailing:

I teach piano/guitar/violin, etc. Can I rent teaching space at Little Mission Studio?

Only official Little Mission Studio faculty members are permitted to teach at Little Mission Studio. If you’re interested in applying for a faculty position at Little Mission Studio, please refer to this page for current faculty openings and details on applying and the interview process.

Instrument/Equipment Questions:

Where can I rent/buy an instrument?

Little Mission Studio does not rent or sell instruments. We’ve regularly refer our students to Union Music Co. on Market Street for instrument rental and purchase. They are a great resource and can help with proper instrument sizing (violins, guitars), repairs, and replacement parts (strings, picks), etc.

I don’t have room for an acoustic piano at home? How do I select a good digital piano?

In general, a good digital piano should have:

  • Full size keyboard (88 keys).
  • Weighted keys to mimic the weighted key response on an acoustic piano.
  • Damper pedal or damper pedal attachment.

Some models that we use at Little Mission Studio are:

Also, many acoustic piano styles, like uprights and spinets, are perfect for small spaces and not actually any bigger than some digital models!

Where should I look for a good acoustic piano?

We highly recommend visiting R. Kassman Pianos in Berkeley. They have a great selection of both new and used pianos and will help you find something in your budget. We’re proud to be partnered with them and all our uprights and the baby grand in the Main Hall at Little Mission Studio are furnished by R. Kassman Pianos. When you visit be sure to mention that Little Mission Studio sent you!

What type and size of guitar is appropriate for my little one?

We typically recommend a nylon string guitar for children beginning guitar as it is much gentler on their fingers and is a less limiting instrument than an electric or steel string guitar. For younger or smaller children, smaller scale guitars (1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 size) are appropriate. Anything larger will be difficult for them to sit comfortably with, and difficult for them to play.

Use this guide to determine the appropriate size for your child:

  • Measure from the floor to the belly button to determine a child’s scale length
    • 24 inches = 40 cm
    • 26 inches = 45 cm
    • 28.5 inches = 50 cm
    • 33.5 inches = 55 cm
    • 35.5 inches = 60 cm
    • 36.75 inches = 63
    • Higher = full size

Here are a few models we recommend:

Group Music Class Questions:

When should I enroll in Group Music Classes? Will the classes fill up?

Group Music Class sizes are limited and purposefully kept small to insure a good class experience and plenty of individual attention for all enrolled. Please read the individual class description to see the class sizes for each class. You should enroll and pay tuition early to confirm your spot in class as some classes do fill up.

I need to miss the first week of a Group Music Class, can I still join?

Yes, we would love to have you join us! You will always have the full class syllabus available to you once you enroll and pay tuition, which should allow you to get all caught up. However, note that missed class sessions are not prorated and full tuition is due to enroll. Note you must still enroll and pay class tuition before the enrollment deadlines.

Can I observe the first class session of a Group Music Class before deciding to enroll and pay tuition?

We do not permit class or lesson observations, as it is distracting to both the other students enrolled and the faculty instructing. The best way to get a feeling if a class is right for you is to participate! As such, you may only attend a Group Music Class session if you have completed our enrollment process and pay tuition in full. If after the first class session, you decide that class is not right for you, you must contact us 24 hours before the second session of your class for a refund of class tuition minus 15% of tuition (which covers the cost of the first session plus administrative costs). Please refer to our Policies for full details.

Private Lesson Questions:

At what age can a child start private music lessons?

We accept students as young as four years old for private music lessons. For our youngest students, faculty may request that a parent or guardian attend the student’s weekly lesson so that they can help them practice effectively at home between lessons.

How do I know that my lessons are confirmed?

Your lessons are confirmed once you have paid your current tuition invoice. After you pay tuition the first time, you also will receive a welcome email from us with important details about the studio

I have to miss my lesson this week, can I get a credit for next month?

Please refer to our full lesson and cancellation policies for lesson make-up procedures. Student-cancelled lessons need to be made-up within a week of the original lesson. Students are not guaranteed a make-up lesson as make-up times are at the availability of your instructor.

Can I take a single trial lesson?

We do not schedule one-off lessons. All students at Little Mission Studio pay their lesson tuition monthly. For new students, especially beginners, we find that it’s best for the both the faculty and the student to have a few lessons to get to know one another and start to gauge each others’ teaching/learning styles. If for whatever reason, things are not as you’d expect, we’re certainly open to that feedback, and will gladly discuss that with you before scheduling further lessons into the next month.

What are your private lesson rates? Are they different for various instruments or faculty?

All our private lesson rates are the same for all instruments and faculty. Please refer here for current rates and services.

If I show up late for a lesson can the instructor go over to make up for lost time?

Unfortunately, no. Our faculty have allocated a block of time each day for their scheduled private students. Students are often scheduled back-to-back to efficiently utilize the faculty’s time. For this reason, students should plan accordingly to be on time for their scheduled private lessons.

Do you have special rates if a certain number of lessons are purchased?

We do not offer discounts for quantities of lessons purchased, but we do offer discounts for families and students studying multiple instruments. Please refer here for full payment, tuition, and discount policies.

I would like for my child to take a private lesson with their friend or sibling. Is that possible?

We do not offer duo/paired or semi-private lessons at Little Mission Studio and encourage our students looking for a group lesson experience to enroll in one of our Group Music Classes.

Our private lesson curriculum and tuition are  intended for one-on-one instruction.

We do however encourage musical collaboration between our students, and can prepare individual students in their individual lessons to learn their music and parts to play with each other. Our regular studio classes are great opportunities to work together as a duo/ensemble with other students here.

What is your private lesson curriculum like? Do you teach Suzuki/Kodaly/ect.?

We use a combination of those methods and others to teach our students at Little Mission Studio. Our faculty will vary and tailor individual curriculum to the needs of each student. But all our lesson curriculum focus on and include instruction in the following areas:

  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Ear Training & Dictation
  • Musical Literacy & Notation Skills
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Varied Repertoire

Summer Music Camp Questions:

Is Extended Care available at Summer Music Camps?

Extended care is generally available before and after the start of each camp day for an additional fee. Please see each individual camp description for full available Extended Care hours and current rates.

What activities are available at Extended Care:

We have a variety of activities available for Extended Care hours including board games, puzzles, coloring, and crafts. Students may also use Extended Care to enjoy a snack they brought from home.

Is lunch or a snack provided during the camp day?

We do not have facilities for food storage or preparation, so all camp students should bring a daily bag lunch as well as any snacks they might like during Extended Care.

What is the student:teacher ratio for Summer Music Camps?

Our camps are small and we’re proud to be able to provide lots of individual attention and high-quality musical instruction during the camp week with a student:teacher ratio of 4:1. All our faculty are conservatory-trained musicians, with many years of experience teaching and performing. You may read faculty bios here.

What is a typical camp day like?

The content and curriculum of our camps vary, but a typical camp day generally follows this outline:

  • Full Camp Games and Team-Building Activities
  • Split into Smaller Groups, Based on Age/Experience
    • Small Group Instruction Period
    • Rotate Groups to New Instruction Period
  • Full Camp Lunch and Recess at Franklin Square Park
  • Split Back into Smaller Groups
    • Small Group Instruction Period
    • Rotate Groups to New Instruction Period
  • Full Group Closing Games and Activities

Enrollment Questions:

I  never received a receipt for my Group Music Class or Summer Music Camp Enrollment. Is my enrollment confirmed?

Please double check your spam/junk folder in case the receipt was directed there. If you did not receive an email receipt when you enrolled, then you did not complete tuition payment. Without complete tuition payment, you are not enrolled and will be removed from the class list. If there you feel there was an error in completing payment on our website, please let us know right away and we’ll be glad to help.

How do I enroll multiple family members in a Group Music Class or Summer Music Camp?

If you wish to enroll multiple family members in a Group Music Class or Summer Music Camp, you must complete a new enrollment form for each student enrolled. Simply refresh the form page after completing the initial enrollment to complete a new form for an additional family member.

Can I enroll in more than one Group Music Class or Summer Music Camp at a time?

You may enroll in more than one Group Music Class or one Summer Music Camp for a single student on each individual form. However, you may not enroll more than one student on one form.

I’m already a current LMS Private Lesson Student. How do I receive my 10% #MakeMoreMusic Discount, 10% Family Discount, or 50% Ensemble Class Discount when enrolling in a Group Music Class?

At the beginning of each Group Music Class Enrollment Period, we will send you a Current Private Lesson Student Discount Code to use when you are filling out the enrollment form for your preferred class. Your Current Private Lesson Student Discount Code will be sent by email and also included on recent Private Lesson Tuition Invoices. Your Current Private Lesson Student Discount Code will only work for you. Note, all discounts are non-combinable, you will be applied a single discount per class enrollment.

I’m new to Little Mission Studio. How can I enroll multiple family members or siblings in Group Music Classes and receive the 10% Family Discount?

When enrolling each family member or sibling, please note on your enrollment form which additional family members you are planning to enroll. Once you enroll and pay tuition for both family members, we will follow up and refund you the 10% Family Discount as a rebate for all family members enrolled.

I have enrolled and paid tuition for a Group Music Class, yet wish to drop the class. How can I do that?

If you’ve enrolled and wish to drop a Group Music Class, you must contact us no later than 24 hours before the second session of your class for a refund of class tuition minus 15% of tuition. Please refer to our Policies for full details

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