Practice Rooms


Little Mission Studio offers rental of our five Studio Rooms for Individual Practice and Group
Rehearsal Rooms in 1-hour increments:

  • Group Rehearsal (2-8 people): $30 per hour
  • Solo Practice for Non-Students (1 person) : $15 per hour
  • Solo Practice for Current Students (1 person): Free!

To Reserve a Practice Room (Non-Students):

  1. Complete our Contact Form.
  2. Read and return a signed Rental Agreement. (Digitally signed or scanned and emailed is OK.)
    • Return signed document via email to
  3. Request times using the booking tool below.
  • Once we have the contact form & signed agreement from you, we’ll keep it on file for all future rentals (you don’t need to fill those out again). And you may visit this page to request reservations.
  • We will not accept reservation requests without you having completed the above steps.
  • We will not accept requests less than 24 hours or more than 2 weeks in advance.

For Current Students:

Your solo practice time is free but must still be reserved. You may use the tool below to check studio room availability and request practice time by selecting ‘Solo Practice Room (Current Student)’. No need to fill out any forms or sign the agreement. As a student, we already have your info on file from when you enrolled.

Studio Rooms:

All of LMS’s Studio Rooms have acoustic pianos, some also have digital pianos. Studio #5 has percussion equipment that can be used with prior approval. Note: LMS studio rooms are not sound proof and are not ideal for professional recording.

General Notes:

  • Currently enrolled students and already scheduled lessons and classes take priority when LMS schedules rooms.
  • Renter may move and arrange their requested chairs and stands as needed for rehearsal.
  • Renter may not alter or move any pianos or large musical equipment without explicit prior approval and supervision of LMS.
  • Renter may not use amplified sounds (other than LMS Clavinovas), without prior approval of LMS
  • Renter may not use rental time to teach or charge for any service.
  • Nothing can be affixed to the walls, fixtures, or furnishings of LMS.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside or within 20 feet of the entrance of LMS. Animals, with the exception of properly labeled service animals, are not permitted in LMS.
  • Renter is responsible for general clean up and proper disposal of all items they bring to the premises at LMS. Large or unreasonable messes, as determined by LMS, left uncleaned may result in additional cleaning fees.

Booking Tool:

Use the tool below to request practice room reservations.