UnRest: A Musical Resistance Concert Series

We’re pleased to announce a new concert series here at Little Mission Studio, Unđť„˝Rest.

We’ve been asking ourselves, what is best way to utilize our skills and talents to bring our community together around a shared cause? UnRest is a concert series with the intent of bringing people together around music and a common social cause.


Each concert will be centered on a specific social issue and theme, with music and programming within that theme, and 100% of proceeds from each concert will be donated to a corresponding target organization!


We truly believe in music as a universal language and as a means of capturing and expressing what is happening in the world today. Music is also inherently community building, bringing people together. We hope our concert series will serve as a space for thought, reflection, and action through music.

Our next concert in the series will be:

Our first concert in the series was:


View the full performance form our first concert in the series here.

Stay tuned as we announce plans for upcoming concerts!